Director & DoP: Yuliya Boyd
Illustration & Animation: Mari Socolova

A poetry film, which portrays the quiet, lonely work of a labyrinth guide, whose profession is without any specialisation and yet questions all other professions. With no recognisable employers, with time as the only reward, the labyrinth guide is a phantom in the performance society. Invisible to surveillance cameras, uncatchable for the authorities. All the more so because the existence of his workplace, the labyrinth, is vehemently denied.


Director & DoP: Yuliya Boyd

Audio-visual work created during the festival Female Voice of Iran depicting fight for freedom, inner poetry, eternal conflict of fear and desire.

SKIP, 2019 (Stills)

Director: Dyaa Naim
DoP: Yuliya Boyd

Skipping tells about the experience of being traumatized even after traveling to a safe place, ignoring definition of objective geography. The film oscillates around childhood, dreams and the relation with hallucinations, trying to navigate in a new society, alienated.

KUNST.STOFF (AT), 2023 (Stills)

Director: Bastian Parpan
DoP: Yuliya Boyd

In a world in which everyone revolves around their smiling in the shop window of social media, the promise of self-fulfillment since long has given way to compulsion. Main protagonist’s dark self-discovery starts in fine arts and heads into a Mephistophelian world of violence, exploring themes such as the cult of genius, toxic masculinity, isolation and (dis)connection, turning into a dangerous identity-political mission.

HUMERE, 2023 (WIP)

Director: Johanna Kotlaris
DoP: Yuliya Boyd